At the First Citizens National Bank, not only do we have a local first approach where custom solutions are the norm, we have local businesses willing to share their experiences with us. Learn more about what the local business have to say about working with us and our business experts

First for our Customer

We are honored to have the opportunity to put your business first. Learn more about how we've helped businesses like yours.

Professional Pavement Services

In Business, you can’t always control when things are going to happen or when you might need your bank. Matt Kinney’s company, Professional Pavement Services, works 365 days a year.

Fruth & Company

Understanding the connection between local business and the community is what sets The First Citizens National Bank apart. We are a local business. Our mission is to help local businesses and communities succeed.

Saints Auto Service

In business, you can’t always control when things are going to happen or when you might need your bank. As a businesswoman who also worked in banking for many years, Angela Linnane, CFO of Saints Auto Service, expects a lot from her bank.

Maple Lawn Farm

Relationships are built on trust. And in banking, trust is earned over years of being there for clients with solutions, advice, and a shared commitment to their success. At The First Citizens National Bank, we understand farming and agriculture.

Regional Healthcare

Today, the value of a banking relationship is measured less in the processing of transactions and more in the solutions that we can contribute to improved business performance.


Risk and Reward: By definition, it requires a balanced perspective. Focus too much on the former and you risk overlooking the latter.

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