Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Let’s face it: A credit card just makes life easier. From emergency expenses to a once in a lifetime experience, having anytime access to funds comes in handy. But an FCNB Visa® credit card goes beyond convenience. Your purchases earn points for ScoreCard Rewards®, including gift cards, airfare, and more!

  • Competitive low rates
  • No annual fee
  • Increased purchasing power; accepted virtually everywhere, worldwide
  • ScoreCard Rewards program available
  • Earn one bonus point for every dollar spent using your card
  • Points redeemable for a number of brand-name gifts and travel rewards
  • Increased security with Verified by Visa
  • Easily manage and make payments online
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

24/7 Management

Easily track spending, make payments, and more. Register your card at for anytime online access. It’s just as simple to manage your ScoreCard Rewards account: — create your online profile today.

Verified by Visa

Add an extra layer of security when you shop online. Learn more about Verified by Visa.

Visa Purchase Alerts

Know where your money is going. Visa Purchase Alerts sends you an email or text whenever a purchase is made with your Visa card. You can even choose notification triggers that match your spending habits. Sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts today.

In accordance with VISA rules and regulations, effective in October 2017, First Citizens National Bank cardholders will be automatically enrolled in the VISA Account Updater (VAU) service. VAU helps facilitate uninterrupted processing of your recurring payments through a secure electronic exchange of account information updates between participating Visa Card issuers, acquirers, and merchants.

When new cards are issued due to account information changes such as card expiration, for example, the new account information is sent to VAU for cards scheduled with recurring payments to participating merchants. Participating merchants can send inquiries to VAU about their account-on-file transactions and are provided with updated card information, if available. This helps participating issuers retain cardholders by maintaining continuity of their payment relationships with participating merchants.

Cardholder Benefits of VAU

  • Offers a seamless account update process, eliminating the need for direct action on the part of the cardholder when their card is reissued due to normal expiration or lost/stolen card.
  • Facilitates uninterrupted service for participating merchants. Recurring payments are more likely to be successful because updated card information is readily available to participating merchants.
  • Reduces negative experiences caused by declines.

Note: Merchant participation is optional and some merchants may choose not to use this service. Participation in VAU does not relieve you of your obligation to confirm merchants have correct account information on file for you. Neither VISA nor First Citizens National Bank can guarantee the account updates will be communicated to merchants prior to the next billing date.

Account Opt-Out Procedures

If despite the benefits of VAU you wish to opt out of this service, please fill out this form.

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