Farmer Mac Loans

Farmer Mac Loans

Your farm is unique — from the crops you grow to the goals you set each harvest season. You need financing that fits the needs of your operation. We’ve partnered with Farmer Mac to provide Ohio farmers a wider variety of financing options. Our agricultural lending experts work with you to find the best loan to help your farm thrive.

Farmer Mac I Loans

  • Financing for conventional agriculture loans
  • Flexible options on rate and term
  • Quick preliminary approval from Farmer Mac
  • Assistance with application process and continued servicing by your local Ag Lender

Farmer Mac II Loans

  • Competitively low financing for the following loans:
    • Farm Service Agency (Farm Ownership and Term Operating)
    • Rural Development Community Facilities
    • Rural Development Business and Industry
  • Government backing produces long-term fixed rate options
  • Availability of funds in good times and in bad

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