Safeguard your account and reduce the risk of fraud with Check and ACH Positive Pay from FCNB.

Check Positive Pay

Reduce the risk of check fraud with Check Positive Pay from FCNB. Positive Pay compares the checks presented for payment to your issued check files to ensure the check number and dollar amounts match. Positive Pay can detect fraud quickly and easily, and when the components don’t match, checks aren’t paid.

  • Detect and prevent check fraud quickly and easily
  • Save time and money
  • Automated service offers ease of account reconciliation with notifications when exceptions are available for review
  • User-friendly screens available for review of online check images for item approval or rejection


ACH Positive Pay

Safeguard your account with ACH Positive Pay and Filtering which allows you to ensure the authenticity of each payment prior to making a pay or return decision. Businesses can elect to automatically stop all ACH debits from posting to their accounts, or transactions can be presented to you to make a pay or return decision. Rules can be created for routine ACH transactions which you specifically pre-authorize. These protections reduce unauthorized ACH transactions and makes it easier to detect fraudulent ACH transactions.

  • Detect and prevent ACH fraud quickly and easily
  • No additional equipment is required. Positive Pay is available in Business Online.
  • Ease of account reconciliation
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