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Giving Every Tuesday: Beyond 9 to 5

Giving Every Tuesday: Beyond 9 to 5

Frank Reinhard, the Delaware Regional President and longtime Delaware resident goes beyond 9 to 5 when it comes to his commitment to local business. Not only does he give his all to the local business community through FCNB. But he also has been involved with the Delaware County Finance Authority (DCFA) as a Board Member and Treasurer for the past 9 years.

The DCFA is a public agency that was established by the Delaware County Commissioners and partners with economic developers, local governments, and banks to facilitate funding for private, nonprofit, and public projects and to spur job creation in Delaware County. The DCFA recently issued two multi-million dollar infrastructure bonds for two significant transformational projects.

“It’s great to be a part of our region’s economic development process and to be able to provide economic development tools and incentives to the prospective businesses that want to move their headquarters and operations into our area.”

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