Life happens! The dishwasher dies. Your oldest needs braces. You get it; we’ve all been there. But without an emergency fund, these unexpected expenses have to get paid out of your existing budget and something has to give: you cut back or, worst case, you put it on a credit card or take a pay-day loan and pay outrageous interest rates on top of what you owe.
Our Banking Specialists work with customers all the time to look at their average monthly expenses and find ways to free up some money to put into savings so that when Life happens, it doesn’t cause more stress than it has to.

Begin with a target of $1,000. But eventually, set a goal of having the equivalent of three months of expenses on hand, in savings. In the long run, you’ll not only save money by paying cash, you’ll gain peace of mind as well.

Let 2024 be the year you get your finances on track. To set up an appointment with one of our banking specialists, fill out the form below:

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