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Farmer Mac Loans

Your farm is unique — from the crops you grow to the land you sow. You need financing that fits the needs of your operation. First Citizens partnered with Farmer Mac to provide Ohio farmers a wider variety of financing options. Our agricultural lending experts work with you to find the best loan to help your farm thrive.

Farmer Mac I Loans

  • Financing for conventional agriculture loans
  • Flexible options on rate and term
  • Quick preliminary approval from Farmer Mac
  • Assistance with application process and continued servicing by your local Ag Lender

Farmer Mac II Loans

  • Competitively low financing for the following loans:
    • Farm Service Agency (Farm Ownership and Term Operating)
    • Rural Development Community Facilities
    • Rural Development Business and Industry
  • Government backing produces long-term fixed rate options
  • Availability of funds in good times and in bad

Learn More

Visit and for more information about financing options and qualifications, or feel free to contact us.