Identity Theft

The First Citizens National Bank cares about the safety and security of our customers’ credit and identity, and that is why we have chosen to provide all customers with the Assurant Red Flag ID Fraud Solutions Program. Best of all, customers are enrolled in the basic features of the program at NO COST.


Because identity theft is a serious crime that can affect many aspects of your life, the Bank offers customers the exclusive right to enroll in one of several enhanced offerings of the program.


The basic program:


  1. Helps obtain free credit reports and assists in reading them.
  2. Provides assistance, should identity theft occur.
  3. Provides a kit to help gather critical information needed in a crisis.
  4. Assists in recovering documents lost by theft or through a disaster.
  5. Provides a website that gives helpful information about avoiding identity theft.


Click on the “Find out More Link to see further descriptions of the basic program, terms and conditions, as well as features of the enhanced offerings.


Click here to view our ID Theft Prevention video


You can call 1-800-859-1568 Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. for ID Theft assistance, additional information on the complete program, or to enroll in the enhanced offerings.


Community Banks Red Flag ID Fraud Program