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First for Business

We are First for your Business Banking Solutions

As a community bank, we relish the vital role we play in supporting the growth of local businesses. Especially now, in what might prove to be a pivotal Post-Covid recovery period.

Our team of business banking advisors, commercial lenders, treasury management specialists, and financial advisors look forward to sharing their efforts and experience to help guide you through the challenges and opportunities ahead. With a focus on local business growth, our experts provide strength and support prosperity in the community businesses that you know and love. Take a moment to learn more about specific businesses that we’ve helped.

Helping Entrepreneurs from the Ground Up

When an aspiring entrepreneur presented a plan to purchase a local fertilizer company and build it into a provider of crop management and precision farming services, he never once doubted his vision. He had a strong business plan, outstanding credentials, and experience in Agronomy, but he lacked the collateral that other banks required as a substitute for experience.  Thankfully for him, he met the team at The First Citizens National Bank.

Conventional financing wasn’t going to work but there was more to consider than the financial ratios. The buyer was well respected in the industry and the community and had the commitment of the seller to support him through the transition.

Our team set to work on a solution. By grouping assets with different amortization schedules, we were able to structure multiple loan facilities instead of a single loan. This meant manageable repayment terms while preserving adequate cash flow and working capital to maintain a healthy operation.

“I’m proud when I think of how many businesses we’ve helped who, if they had had to rely on the rigid lending formulas typically employed by commercial lenders in larger banks, would never have opened their doors,” said Jennifer Romich, Chief Lending Officer and Senior VP for The First Citizens National Bank. As community bankers, we have the flexibility and willingness to look beyond just the balance sheet and at the bigger picture. Our perspective is always: ‘How can we make this work’ because we’re not only thinking about the business but also its impact on the growth and strength of the community.”

Many larger banks may have declined this opportunity, because when credit decisions are made in corporate offices, miles from the community in which the business operates, certain local factors get overlooked. And that would have meant a now-successful entrepreneur with a flourishing business wouldn’t have had the backing he needed to get started.

First for Solutions

Historically, banks turned to “The Five “C’s” -- Capacity, Capital, Collateral, Credit History, and Character -- when evaluating credit risk. But as the industry consolidated and commercial lending became centralized in larger banks, the fifth “C,” Character, took a backseat to the other four. Not so at The First Citizens National Bank. We understand that with every business we fund comes not only the opportunity for the owner’s personal success but also new jobs, tax revenue, and prosperity for the community. That’s the community bank difference and a powerful motivator for what we do every day.


Whatever the stage of your business, whatever the opportunity or challenge it faces, you can count on us to work tirelessly to find a solution. And it won’t be cookie-cutter and you won’t have to wait for an out-of-state corporate office to approve it. Our team works here, our decisions are made here, because you do business here. Below are some options to help you out, but we are always available to discuss your unique needs as a business.

  • Business Banking - Unmetered business checking, savings accounts, debit and credit cards.
  • Courier Service – Only available in certain market areas. Contact us directly to learn more.
  • Online and Mobile Banking for Business - Comprehensive business online and mobile banking, fraud prevention, bill pay, and remote deposit capture.
  • Ag and Business Lending - Term, real estate and equipment loans, working capital, SBA, FSA, and Farmer Mac.
  • Treasury Management - Merchant services, payments and receivables management, payroll, and fraud mitigation.

And many more! - Fill out our contact form to learn about other products available to you and your business!

Want to learn more about how we've helped businesses like you?  Visit our testimonial page: First for our Customers

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