1. Why should I be a First Citizens National Bank Customer for Life?

We promise to provide an extraordinary, welcoming, friendly banking experience; celebrating customer and Bank achievements. We will never compromise our integrity as we create a fortress bank for the safety and soundness of our customers and stakeholders. We will continue as a leader in development and revitalization of our communities as we have done for the past 150 years.


We have a long and stable history. Founded in 1860, First Citizens National Bank survived and thrived through many financial storms including the Great Depression. We are the 5th oldest locally owned nationally chartered bank remaining in the United States. We have maintained a 5-Star Bauer rating of safety and soundness and have one of the highest capital ratios of any Ohio bank.

2. What kind of checking account is best for me?
  See Personal Checking or Business Checking
3. What kind of savings account is best for me?
  See Personal Savings
4. What are the minimum balances for checking and savings accounts?
  See Personal Checking or Personal Savings
5. What should I look for when I shop for Certificates of Deposit?
  See Personal CDs
6. What can I do with Online banking?
  See About Online Banking
7. How does Online Bill Pay work?
  See About Online Bill Pay
8. Can I get my statements through electronic mail?
  Yes, See eStatements Program
9. How long does it take to get a loan approved?
  We want to make the loan approval process quick and painless. A simple installment loan can be approved in as little as 30 minutes. It helps if you have a continuing relationship with the bank and have gathered needed information for the application. See the forms area on the Home page of the website for application forms and checklists.
10. How can I start the process of getting a home mortgage loan?

See the forms area on the Home page of the website for a checklist of information you will need to gather. Then contact one of our Lenders to setup an appointment. Contact a Lender

11. How can I start the process of getting a car loan?
  See the forms area on the Home page of the website for an application form and a checklist of information you will need to gather. Contact a Lender for an appointment. It is best to talk to our Lenders before you shop for a car. They can give you a good idea of what can be loaned to you on certain makes and models. Contact a Lender
12. Do you offer student loans?
  Our bank does not offer government sponsored student loans. The student aid office of the intended college is likely the best source of information for such loans as well as www.nelnet.com. Contact one of our Lenders to consult with you on other financing options. Contact a Lender
13. Can I fill out a loan application form before I come to the bank?

For a simpler consumer loan, the forms area of our Home page will provide an application that you can fill out to save time at the bank.


Mortgage loan applications are more detailed and we recommend you review the checklist of needed information in the forms area of our Home page. Our Lender will help you fill out the form for you when you come into the bank. Contact us for an appointment. Contact a Lender

14. Does the bank offer credit, debit, and ATM cards?
  Yes, See Credit/Debit Cards
15. How can I make a credit card payment?
  You may use the website www.mycardstatement.com to monitor your VISA® accounts, pay bills through VISA®, and pay your VISA® bill with an electronic withdrawal from your checking account. You will have to set up an account with this website. See about mycardstatement.
16. Where are your branch and ATM locations?
  See Locations-Hours
17. How can the bank help me manage my finances?
  Our customer service representatives welcome your call or visit to learn more about your financial situation. We have designed our financial products to fit a variety of needs and they are eager to make the right match for you.
Contact a Customer Service Representative
18. How much money do I have to have to use your “Investment Services?”
  The amount of money is not as important as the commitment to build an investment plan with regular contributions. Contact our Investment Services Group. Investment Services


Customer Service Representatives

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